1. Do you take custom orders?

YES! I love working with people on custom orders. Anything that is already in the shop can be customized or I can make something that you've been looking for. Custom orders don't have to come from items already listed in the shop. After a detailed conversation to learn about you are looking for I will together a quote with all of the details of your order that would need to be approved and paid for before proceeding. 

2. Why haven't I heard back from you? 

Along with this little shop I work a full time job Monday-Friday from nine to five. I do my best to respond the day that I get your message as long as it isn't too late. If it has been a week since you have tried to contact me, please send me another message so I can make sure to get back to you!

3. Can I post about your work on my website or blog? 

Of course! I love when others are inspired by my work, but would appreciate if you would properly link and give credit when appropriate.