Office Tour

I don't know if it's just me, but seeing other peoples office space makes me feel like I'm understanding so much more about them. Every space is so unique and different to the person who works in it, no matter if it's an entire studio or just the corner of your living room. I know that mine says A LOT about me. So since I love to see other spaces so much, I thought maybe you'd like to take a little tour of mine! 


This is my main set up and where I spend a large part of my time. The full length desk gives me so much space, most of the time at least, other times I spread out a little more around the house - like to the couch, dining table, etc. As much as I can though, I pull myself back to the desk to get my work done and I love when the space is all picked up! 

Untitled design (8).png

This side of my desk is for more than just my sewing machine, but mainly so that I can keep it out instead of always having to pack it away when I'm not using it. I love being able to keep my machine out at all times so I can jump on it whenever I want! Everything has its place even if those things aren't always there and it helps me to keep a big section of my crafts organized. The pillow you see framed is one that my grandma made for me when I was younger (hence the princesses). I kept this pillow for many years, even when it was inside another case. I knew that the day I had my own work space I would hang it up right by my machine. It may just be my favorite piece in my space!


My peg board is the best storage decision I have ever made! It takes so much off the desk and shelves and I have no idea why I didn't think to get one sooner. Thanks to some help from Jordan I got it hung up AND we added a shelf! I am thinking of adding a second peg board above the shelf to hang more hoops - cause I can never have too many hoops, right? 

STORAGE - a big subject because is there ever really enough of it? Right when I think I have a storage solution all figured out, I suddenly find that I have more stuff. Isn't it funny how that works? But this closet that I'm really only supposed to have half of, I've taken over about two-thirds now (sorry Jordan), is where I pack a lot of my stuff into. Two different shoe organizers give me so much more space. I got the one over the door from Walmart (I think) and the large one hanging from the clothing rack from IKEA. Best. Purchase. Ever. The door one is great for storing all of the little things that I have accumulated and puts them at any easy reach. The other one is great for storing my yarn and larger fabric scraps. The shelf at the top has allowed my to store all that I can organize into boxes and until I have more space they will just have to stay up there. One last spot of storage is my yarn shelf which was quickly a must and something I personally think doubles as great home decor - others may beg to differ. 

Lastly, and what a big part of the room "mine" is my decor that I have hung up. If you didn't already know, I love all things Harry Potter and have been collecting all sorts of things to adorn my walls. The other section is a mismatch of all things that mean the most to me, including some pictures with my favorite people!

Share your space with me and tag #jrshareyourspace so I can get inspiration from you and share it with others!


Raye Bednorz