The Beginning

Every time I try to think back about when I started creating I can't think of an actual moment in time that it began. I always wish I had at least one picture of me hunkered down at my grandmas sewing machine as she told me to slow down on my sewing and I continued to make yet another pillow for the day. I don't know when exactly I started all of my crafts, but I can remember wanting the biggest box of crayons for school and begging my grandma to let me sew every time I went to their house. 

The crochet started a little later when my parents gave me a "learn to crochet" kit for Christmas. I actually hated it and didn't have a clue what I was doing. So I put it away and thought that I would never pick it up to try again. Then my mom tried it out and was able to get the hang of it first. When I saw what she was making I decided to give it another go and she was able to teach me. So then, the crocheting began. 

From then on I was into every craft you could imagine and begged to go in every craft store we passed. I filled the shelves that my parents gave me to store all of my craft supplies and even went through a stage where I wanted to make jewelry. Clearly that didn't stick. 

When I went off to business school, I had it in my mind that I wanted to start my own business one day. During my freshman year at school it was really hard to not do just that. I wanted to share what I was making with others and I wanted to make something out of it. So I waited at least one year and during the Summer of 2015 I just did it. I opened my Etsy shop and everything was suddenly live. I listed a few of my air fresheners and I waited for sales. My first sale email was such an exciting day because someone actually wanted something that I had made! 

Over the years I have added different things to it here and there, but now that I've had a few years I'm ready to watch it grow. I'm bringing my big items out and I'm excited for the road ahead of me. And although I'm not much of a writer, I look forward to blogging about different steps and insights that I have to share with you along the way! 



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